Commercial Auto Insurance Fargo ND

RJ Bailey Insurance Center has many options when it comes to Commercial Auto Insurance. Allied is one of those that offers comprehensive coverage for your Commercial Auto Insurance needs. Here are some of the featured coverages:
Newly acquired or formed entities:
Extends the named insured to include entities over which a named insured acquires ownership or majority interest.
Fellow employees-managers and supervisors:
Covers managers and supervisors for injuries to co-workers.
Property of others extension:
Coverage for property in your care, custody, or control that belongs to others.
Expanded transportation expense:
Expands the limits for temporary transportation expenses after a private passenger auto is stolen.
New vehicle repalcement cost:
After a total loss, replacement cost (no depreciation) applies to a private-passenger type of vehicle; or a vehicle that weitghs 20,000 pounds or less and is less than one year old.
Hired physical damage with loss of use:
Covers comprehensive and collision damage to a leased or rented vehicle, as well as additional contractual obligations to the leasing or rental company.
Auto loan/lease:
Covers the difference between the unpaid amount on a loan or lease and the actual cash value of a vehicle in the event of a total loss.
Expanded towing:
Expands the limits for towing as needed for a vehicle that’s fully covered.
Rental Reimbursement:
Pays for the expense of renting a sbustitute vehicle after a covered loss.
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