Car Seat Safety

According to to the National Highway Traffic Administration 7 out of 10 kids in a child safety seat are not buckled in properly. That’s reason enough to go have your car seat checked for safety. Here are some easy things to you can check on your own before you go and get that inspection.

-Check if the seat is loose. If you can easily move it with both hands, tighten it up. Get right in that bad boy like me with your knee and after you put all your weight into it, tighten the belt as much as you can.

-The straps should be snug on your child with no slack.

-Check the weight limits on the car seat to make sure your child is not too little or too big for the seat. Also make sure to use a seat that’s not been recalled.

-It is recommended that children remain rear-facing until they are at least 1 or 20 lbs. My pediatrician recommended my children stay rear-facing as long as possible beyond one.

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