Summer Backyard Safety

It’s summer time and your backyard can be the central part of your fun. Of course there are always some ways to help keep your backyard fun and safe.

Here are eight ways to keep you and your family protected.

1. Grill Placement

Keep the grill at least ten feet away from anything flammable. Trees, house, deckes, etc.

2.Toxic plants

68,000 people a year are poisoned by plants, reports the American Association of Poison Control Centers. Do a little research before you plant this summer. Expecially if you have small children and pets.

3.Tiny Pools of Water

Don’t let water sit very long in your backyard before changing. Water pools left for long enough periods of time can produce swarms of mosquitos.

4. Smoldering Charcoal

Always soak charcoal in cold water and dispose of in a metal non combustible can.

5. An Unfenced Pool

An unfenced pool can lead to neighbor kids or pets, jumping in the pool when you are not around. Make sure you protect yourself and those around you to prevent a drowning.

6.Pesticide Residue

Often times, homeowners will spray the wrong kind or too much of a pesticide. Sometimes enough to make one sick with flu like symptoms.
Try natural ways of getting rid of those pesky bugs first, like a bird house that would attract a predator to the area.

7..A Weather-Worn Deck

Waterproof your deck every two to three years. This helps prevent unnecessary falls and slips.

8.Too-Short Ladder

Too short of a ladder can lead to overreaching and falls that can hurt. I know this from personal experince as I sent a chair through a wall. Luckily I came away for the most part unhurt.

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