Black Ice Safety

Trying to avoid black ice is a very difficult proposition and is one of the leading causes for accidents in the United States. Snow and rain, while difficult to navigate; can all be much easily managed compared to ice. Here are some quick tips on how to avoid black ice.

-Anticipate where black ice will form

Early morning when frost at below freezing temperatures can cause roads to form black ice. Also, light rain or drizzle with freezing temperature is peak time for black ice to form.

-Look ahead

Often times black ice will make the road look shiny comparatively to the normal dull state.

-Tire tread

Make sure before the winter months hit, you have new tires or adequate tire tread left. A bald tire meeting black ice is recipe for disaster.

-Vehicle control

If you are driving in an area with the possibility of black ice, do not use your cruise control. If you were to start losing control of your car, it’s important that you be able to decelerate as soon as possible without hitting your breaks.

Those tips should give you the head start for winter safety and make sure to call RJ Bailey Insurance Center for all of your Auto Insurance needs! 701-356-7001

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