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RJ Bailey Insurance Center is proud to feature Safeco Insurance.

Safeco Auto Insurance in Fargo ND

Safeco works hard to make the process of buying auto insurance as simple as apple possible. With Safeco Insurance, you can be sure you’ll have the highest quality coverage and the greatest value.

Determining Your Auto Insurance Needs in Fargo ND

Everything from your vehicle’s make, model and safety features to your driving record and annual mileage may have an influence on your auto insurance premium. And you may be eligible for credits or discounts on your premium. Have a teen driver? Safeco can help you keep teens safer on the road.

Your Auto Insurance Coverage Options in Fargo ND

Auto insurance policies can provide basic protection for damage to your car, injuries and normal liability, as well as extra protection for emergencies, repairs and personal property. Choose the coverage that’s right for you from Safeco’s range of policy options.

Safeco Home Owners Insurance in Fargo ND

We know you have a busy life and that there are a hundred things you’d rather be doing than reading about homeowners insurance. That’s why we’ll keep this short and simple.
We Understand the Demands of Owning a Home

It’s really all about protecting yourself financially if something unexpected happens to your home or possessions. That’s important, because chances are your home is likely one of your largest investments.

Determining Your Home Insurance Needs in Fargo ND

Whether you’re a home or condo owner, landlord, or renter, you want protection for your assets, yourself, and your guests. The replacement value of your home, its age and safety features, and the value of your belongings should all be considered when determining your homeowners coverage needs.

Your Coverage Options

Homeowner’s insurance protects you in case of damage to your dwelling or property, injury to your guests, or events for which you may be held liable for injuring another person or damaging their property. A typical homeowner’s policy contains these standard coverages and may provide you with options to purchase additional coverages. You may also request an increase in limits if you’ve renovated your property, or have special possessions like art, jewelry or other collectibles for which you’d like extra protection. Choose the policy that’s right for you, with Safeco’s help.

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